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MySQL to ANNA Storage Engine



The following two files build a MySQL plugin which routes low-level database accesses from the MySQL server to ANNA K5. You may build the bridge like any other storage engine such as the INNO or the Federated.

You may access our Morphology Server at  to see ANNA K5 at work. Here you may experiment with our MySQL storage engine, which is located in Annaís ANNAK5/Servers/SQLServer directory, by issuing SQL statements in a MySQL client connecting with the string:

server=;User Id=root;Pwd=admin;database=yourDBname

over the default 3306 MySQL port where Anna is also listening. You may then explore the test database and see how your ALTER and INSERT statements affect the schema. Please note that the server is configured to share a unique database to all visitors, so donít flood it with more than 1-2 MB. Please.


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