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OTP MiniCore



The Object Transaction Protocol is core technology, rather than a concrete product. Its embodiment is a library that you eventually link to. However, OTP is also a programming model, much like Microsoft's OLE with RPC, where the developer needs to descend from a hierarchy of types to gain remote network mutability.

In a network environment the OTP servers are idempotent and connect to each other to form one logically unique repository of types and objects. The objects move around as required by their various uses, dragging with them their dependents only if and when they're needed .

The strength of the system is the ability to gather a large number of participating machines and users, unify them into one virtual machine, and then re-partition it into distinct functional rings.

We have currently built two end-user products on top of OTP: Rochelle Exchange Server, and Iris Surveillance Station. We're currently planning on other applications as well.

Key Benefits

  • Interpolation of Linux and Windows environments.
  • Easy definition of new object  types and associated viewers.
  • Users are informed in real-time of any structural changes in the objects that form the network.
  • No need for special compilers, just a good old Ansi C++, but you have to extend the transaction protocol yourself for each new type that you define.

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