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IT Consulting




We undertake medium to large projects for other software companies that have non-conflicting interests to those of ours.


All manner of C and C++.
Hardware and Firmware design.
Pascal and Delphi
Assembler for INTEL, MIPS, ALPHA, 68K
Windows all levels ranging from GUI to kernel-mode drivers
Linux and its embeddable variants
OOD with Booch and UML
HTML, XML, SQL (we don't build WEB sites. But then again ...)
Access and MsSQL
TCP/IP, Streaming Voice and Video over IP, HTTP
Technical documentation 

To start a negotiation, please post your interest to webmaster@proximacentauri.ro

Everyone here has certain unique skills and experience in various domains that you may need to probe. (Hardware design, CPU emulation, Misu plays the guitar, I'm a jurist)

Reference Accounts

The following is a list of some of our former contracts

Design and implementation of the multi-user multi-tasking System Manager operating system
Harrison Systems Integration Pty Ltd
Design and implementation of the WinOptic imaging system and database engine
Design and implementation of the AWANET100 Air Traffic Control System and its Simulator
Turbosoft Pty Ltd
Design and implementation of TTWin Terminal Emulator
Pacific Gaming Australasia
Design and implementation of the ORION prototype video gaming board, firmware and operating system
AWA Plessey
Design and implementation of the File System and MIB interface of the ASWASOS operating system for the E1/T1 LightReach broad-band radio relay
Rail Services Australia
Design and implementation of the prototype Time Table Editor and of the railway system Simulator
AmLab Technology
Port, correction and development of the AmLab Instrument Emulator.
Virtual Logic Pty Ltd
Design and implementation of firmware for the Platypus SCSI RAM disks.
RomSoft SA
Design and implementation of an ERP and OCR.

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