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Urmariti aceasta legatura pentru versiunea in limba romana.

Gaius™ is the byproduct of some of our most intense R&D in the areas of compiling natural languages, grammar-based compression, relationary database engines and navigation. The following is a summary presentation of this system. For completeness the reader may want to also go to Edict™, the system that produces the archives.  

Gaius at work over the Romanian Legal Archive consisting of 49000 texts.

  1. Global framework
  2. General index of all documents in the archive
  3. Center document
  4. Base: the list of all documents referred to by the Center Document.
  5. Base document to whom the center makes reference. 
  6. Derived: the list of all documents referencing the center document.
  7. Derived document that makes reference to the center document
  8. Prefix Filter
  9. Indicator for the length of the filtered index 
  10. Temporal filter start/end limits
  11. Search bar for structured queries over the entire archive or mask for the current document.
  12. Dialer for cycling amongst the search results within the center document.
  13. Dialer for cycling amongst search results in the global index.
  14. Search results counter
  15. Special search options.
  16. Progress indicator for the search process.
  17. Markers of search results as updated by the query.
  18. Search result highlighted in all the three document viewers.
  19. Dialer for cycling the occurrences of the selected base document in the center document.
  20. Dialer for cycling the occurrences of the selected derived document in the center document.
  21. Dialer for cycling amongst the reverse references made by the base document to the center document.
  22. Dialer for cycling amongst the reverse references made by the derived document to the center document.
  23. Direct and reversed correlation: reference highlighting and auto-locating between the base and center documents.
  24. Direct and reversed correlation: reference highlighting and auto-locating between the derived and center documents.
  25. Voice synthesis apparatus 
  26. General configuration options
  27. Date of the selected document
  28. Sort by columns
  29. Individually editable markers for each document, and block operations on marker columns
  30. Sort progress indicator

Key Benefits

  • Tight global compression of text, reducing the size of the archive to a third.
  • Lightening-fast extraction of documents.
  • Shows the entire table of content by extracting the leading lines of every document in the archive. Most other systems take the one-at-a-time approach, forcing the user to have prior knowledge of what they are looking for.
  • The automatically constructed cross-references ensure that all necessary relationships between documents are represented in the archive, so that the user may follow the links.
  • Automatic correlation in the user interface between the central document and all the other referenced or derived documents. This is a system of highlighting the base and derived links right onto the center document, and locating their occurrences in text.
  • Viewing 2 extra documents which are closely related to the central document.
  • Complex hierarchical searches driven by the AND, OR, NOT, () operator, allowing the user to define much more subtle queries than other systems currently permit, as well as punctuation and numeral insensitive search modes.
  • A system of flags for each archive entry allows the user to tag multiple documents in various ways, and then operate on the multiple selections.
  • Prefix filtering allowing the user to type a sequence that the archive matches thus reducing the index.
  • Date Range Limiting. This feature narrows the visibility in the lists according to the limits of a segment of time selected in the toolbar, helping the users to refine their area of interest across the archive.
  • Polymorphism of archives permits a differential to decide what's missing and from where onward to upgrade a given installation.
  • Piece of cake installation: just run the program.
  • Last but not least, Gaius embeds our latest voice synthesis technology to bring some freedom to a user who doesn't like computers much and wants to move about while the system reads-out and aloud the selected text.

The latest version

Gaius Navigator is currently at version 4.5, core 5.11. Read the latest revision.

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