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Proxima Centauri shall retain all rights to any materials that you may download from this site.
Proxima Centauri grants you the limited right to evaluate the products that you are downloading.
Proxima Centauri does not offer any guarantees about this software other than that
it would not collect and transmit any private information from your computer.
Proceeding with the download represents your agreement.

21 March 2011

ANNA Kernel 5 is now at version 336 with the addition of the Schema Reduction Algorithm and is available for download here.
You may also need the additional D3DX9_42.dll redistributable module, part of the DirectX SDK from Microsoft.
Anna will not run, however, without the proper activation keys for which you need to contact us at support.anna@proximacentauri.ro.
Please do not misuse the mail accounts that we provided for you.

16 March 2011

Rochelle version is available for download here.

06 March 2011

ANNA Kernel 5 is at version 335 with the addition of the schema loader over an OLE DB connector.

15 November 2010

The NANO kernel 2.36 is now available for download.

  1. The 64 bit binaries of CORE, NUI, and Service are here.
  2. The 32 bit binaries of CORE, NUI, Service and QtUI are here.
  3. The Visual Studio 2005 project to build NANO is here.


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