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Our company was born in September 1994 in Sydney Australia. We are a small group of highly skilled programmers conducting Research and Development in the areas of design and implementation of real-time operating systems and development tools, As of 2001 the company moved to Bucharest drawn here by the lower cost of living which to us meant great cover for our R&D.

We have generally supported our research by consulting in the IT industry, progressively gaining experience at all levels of software engineering and across a multitude of problem domains such as telecommunications, military, medical, multimedia, databases, railways, digital signal processing, SCADA, cryptography, imaging, gaming, 3D graphics and animation, sound processing, and others. We covered vast distances across the IT, so now we can confidently say that there is little left that we haven't seen and haven't dealt in yet. Our experience shows that the industry revolves around some solid fundamentals that are slow to change. 

Our life-time love affair, remains the design of fundamental mechanisms for kernel operating systems, language design, implementation of compilers, design and implementation of communication protocols, numeric algorithms, inter-process communication, low-level device drivers, concept databases, expert learning systems, hardware emulation, design of file systems and memory management systems where currently we wedged war against the world with new theories.

The future

Operating systems are the slowest changing layer of software. The good ones embed an enormous amount of thinking in advance of all potential applications. Systems like Windows and Linux have taken decades to mature and they show no signs of decadence.

So what is the future of operating systems? At Proxima Centauri we are convinced that the trend must be to fold a multitude of seemingly unrelated system mechanisms over each other, deeply speculating their semantic equivalence. We also believe that the next giant step in operating system design will be marked by the first operating system that is self-aware. The quality and features of such a system are far reaching, and will undoubtedly mark the end of what perhaps the historian of the future would refer to as "the dark ages of the IT".

Declared or not, this new breed of operating system is the common goal of several major players in the industry such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM, the Linux community, as well as some tiny but talented others, who are all at war in the patents arena.

Our strategy

We are too small a group of people to believe that we might be taken seriously in our attempt to tackle the Goliath. We believe, however, that we might be engaged on a totally different path in relation to the development of this future kernel. So our strategy is simple: we stay low and put as the others fight for dominance, develop an aggressively far fetched technology in the meanwhile, then, when the time is right, unleash a radical solution onto the market and claim the market of core operating systems together with that of development environments for ourselves.

Since these matters are some of the world's toughest undertakings, we also need to be practical and constantly weigh our ideals against the cold reality measured in dollars. We have therefore been undertaking medium-large sized engineering projects for other software companies or equipment manufacturers, and develop them at the highest standard of quality, giving each such project a spark of life so as to breathe on their own when they leave our invitro-tubes.

In a certain sense we see ourselves as the new watchmakers of this world as we create and repair the tiniest and most intricate devices, with clockwork precision.

In a nutshell

Proxima Centauri is a thought, a cumulus of two decades of experience and dedication, an ideal and a sum of people's dreams of a better world. Proxima Centauri is the act of creation in its purest form, one for which we often made choices that verged on sacrifice. A revolution is now brewing here. And a storm is coming.

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S.C. Proxima Centauri Romania S.R.L.
Unique registration number: 12218840
List number at The Chamber of Commerce: J40/8688/1999

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+40 21 211 7492
+40 21 211 7492
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Aurel Vlaicu 3, Apt 2, Sector 2, Bucharest Romania
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