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Anna K5



Anna™  K5 is our latest operating system. 

It is a refinement and extension of its ancestor Anna K4, with which you might need to be familiar with first, before reading this page. The registered user may get acquainted with K4 in the PC emulator. 

K5 is still in R&D and has a couple more years still to go. Anna K5 is the back bone for Gaius Correlator, Gaius Navigator and Edict.

We built a commercial version of the core as an alternative kernel called the Object Transaction Protocol which, as its name suggests, is aimed at unifying heterogeneous machines as one larger logical computer and have your user application deployed there in a distributed environment. But that is OTP. Anna is much more than that.

Public demonstration server:

The Abstract category as rendered by our demonstration server:

The recent developments to the K5 system this year (2010) were:

  • The completion of the Object Relocation Algorithm which moves class instances of arbitrary complexity in memory to defragment the heap. Relocation is recursive in that entire sub-allocators may be relocated in order to satisfy malloc-the word so badly misunderstood by the modern programmers. The K5 core is a post-DotNET reflection engine with much more than a Garbage Collector.

  • A full overhaul of the Interlocking system for real-time safety.

  • The DNA-based C# language source-code generator/compiler where source code is described in terms of genes, traits, and enzyme processes.

  • A bridge to turn AnnaK5 into a MySQL storage engine. This task determined a thorough rework of ourDGRS OCR-ERP system to link to a MySQL DotNet connector from both 32Bit and 64Bit.

  • The development of a highly sophisticated real-time monitor with Markovian prediction capabilities as a new way of looking at multi-threaded processes.

  • Finally, the Morphology Server component of K5 to bring it all onto the internet for demonstration. Anna is a Google Maps-like DHTML-AJAX-HTTP navigator as well as a real-time content editor all-in-one.

ANNA K5 does too many unusual things and it had a usefulness deficiency for some time. However, the Morphology Server is on the internet and now offers a valuable service to the community in that it accepts an XSD/SOAP/XML schema as user input, absorbs it into its back-bone, lays-out a diagram of the relations, then generates a C++ script for it. This task is also done by tools such as Altova but with subtle limits that render the results useless from an ORM standpoint.

You may access our Morphology Server athttp://  to see ANNA K5 at work. Here you may freely browse up&down, left2right, top2bottom the backbone of the system as it runs and acquaint yourself with its API. You may interact with the system by posting your XSD schema files into the provided upload PIPE which is located in the "Inside" panel of the welcome node. You may also experiment with our MySQL storage engine, which is located in Anna’s ANNAK5/Servers/SQLServer directory, by issuing SQL statements in a MySQL client connecting with the string:

server=;User Id=root;Pwd=admin;database=yourDBname

over the default 3306 MySQL port where Anna is also listening. You may then explore the test database and see how your ALTER and INSERT statements affect the schema. Please note that the server is configured to share a unique database to all visitors, so don’t flood it with more than 1-2 MB.

We've recently re-factored ANNA's deepest core into a stand-alone nucleus, code-namedNANO, which you may inspect in source and design form.

What ANNA is, what it does, what she is not, and what she doesn't do:

  ANNA is:  
  ANNA is a logical system  
  ANNA is fundamental technology Except the HOST_OS funnel, zlib and image convertors for TIFF, GIF, PNG.
  ANNA is a real-time Operating System A collection of structures, algorithms, policies and interfaces all working together.
  ANNA is a reflective system  
  ANNA is object-oriented  
  ANNA is silicon-based Which means that it runs on the CPU directly and it is not interpreted.
  ANNA is a post-DotNET memory management system  
  ANNA is a metamorphic structure  
  ANNA is DNA-based system  
  ANNA is recursively: a cell, a tissue, an individual, a species, and an ecosystem.  
  ANNA is a language engine C++, C#
  ANNA is a translator from one language to another.  
  ANNA is a generalized persistence system.  
  ANNA is a vector space of 3 dimensions: Morphology, Topology, Physiology.  
  ANNA is a storage engine, backend to SQL servers such as MySQL and MsSQL.  
  ANNA is a design tool.  
  ANNA is a speech engine  
  ANNA is a pattern recognition engine  
  ANNA is a generalized data compressor.  
  ANNA is an inter-process communication device  
  ANNA is a WEB server  
  ANNA is a development platform with a reach SDK.  
  ANNA is a software analysis tool.  
  ANNA is a generator of schematics as the schematic below may demonstrate.
  ANNA is a map editor  
  ANNA is a Goggle Maps - like server  
  ANNA is a service as well as an application At the same time.
  ANNA is a monolith.  
  ANNA is slender It currently has a footprint of 5MB.
  ANNA is a DNA computing simulator.  
  ANNA is HOT! Only she is not a woman, she's a devil.

A screenshot

To gain access to the following features you need to contact us to become a registered user on our server.

www.Anna.ProximaCentauri.ro Anna's white paper  
ANNA K5 Monolith 1 or 2 The Beast herself Anna_K5M.INI
Charts A simplified demo version
License Key Ganerator For licensed distributors of our product line.
Online help entrypoint  
API The UML design of K5
History The revision history of the system

K5's design interface

The high-level image of ANNA K5 as produced by ... herself.


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